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One of the fun things about working with glass is experimentation. Bullseye glass manufactures many colors of glass and has lots of interesting projects that fusers can do with their glass. One of those things is to put fine silver sheet over the french vanilla art glass and layer turquoise and aqua art glass chunks or frit over the top. This pendant is made with layers of silver and aqua art glass. The pool like effect of the blue art glass chunks is a reaction to the fine silver sheet placed and fused on the the glass. Each of the pendants made using this technique will be completely different. I shaped this pendant using a diamond grinding wheel to this lovely curved slightly oval. I hand formed a piece of sterling silver patterned wire into a rollover bail . Pendant is just under 1 3/4" tall including the bail. 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" for the glass. Each pendant is fused to at least once to 1500 -1550 degrees, then cold worked ( ground with a diamond grinder) and fired in a kiln for the second time at 1350 degrees to smooth the edges and refine the shape.I have been fusing glass since 1992 and still love the thrill of opening a kiln and seeing the results of my efforts. I design and fuse each unique glass pendant. Each individual pendant is created from specialty art glass and dichroic glass some of which is custom made for us. We have colored glass coated with dichroic coatings to create a cabochon which has no possibility of being duplicated.Each pendant is annealed, which means cooled at a controlled speed, for strength and durability. I photograph each pendant very carefully so that you will have the best possible image to make your decision from. McCray Studios reactive silver fused glass reaction fused pendant rollover bail. Fused glass jewelry, fused dichroic glass, fused dichroic pendant, turquoise glass pendant, glass art

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