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earrings, Long dainty hexagonal 18k gold earrings - Air - Hexagons collection



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The beauty of these gold earrings lies in the smoothness and finesse of their hook and the irregularity of the links (0.3mm thick) that varying in size give the piece a naturalistic flair. The characteristic hexagonal shape of the links is repeated also on the hook, made in the form of an open hexagon with a small loop at the end from which the links hang, this small loop is also hexagonal in shape. These earrings are made entirely by hand, soldered in the traditional way, this process highlights the attaching points, and the irregularity of the links in both size and shape, induce a game of light and reflections that make them objects without equals.Materials: \u2022 18k Solid Gold (Au750)Dimensions:\u2022 Hexagon diameter 8mm, length 5.5cm approxFinish:\u2022 PolishedDesigners: \u2022 Paula Andrea Callejas G, Giovanni A. ViscomiAll our jewellery comes in our branded packaging\u2022 Visit, like & follow:http://www.minrl.com, link

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