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These unique cufflinks were inspired by the sea that surrounds Cornwall.Each cufflink is rectangular in shape, made from Sterling Silver and measures approx 20 mm (2cm) long and 10mm (1 cm). Half of the rectangle has a hammered texture, with a high shine, depicting the reflection on the sea as the sun peers through the hazy clouds. The remaining half has a light brushed finish that merges with the high shine, hammered texture just as the horizon merges the sea to the hazy sky. The back and cufflink arms are finished with a brushed texture. This contemporary design makes them suitable for all occasions and will always provide the recipient with a unique gift. They would make a great gift for grooms on your wedding day but also provide a great opportunity to coordinate the whole wedding party as gifts for Best Men, Groomsmen and Fathers. Such a thoughtful gift for retirements, special birthdays, graduations or Christmas, A wonderful special keepsake that can be worn again and again and will never go out of style!These cufflinks are part of the Reflections on the Sea collection and matching items, including a tie slide are also available.https://www./uk/listing/533113742/inspired-by-the-sea-tie-clip-slide-in?ref=shop_home_active_7The Reflections on the Sea collection was inspired by a walk along my favourite stretch of cliff path one hazy summer's day, a day when the sea shimmered so brightly I could almost see my own reflection in it... There were fine wispy clouds in the sky and the sea was calm with gentle waves like ripples on a pond. There was a warm breeze that gently brushed against my skin, warming it as it went. Behind the clouds, the sun was shining so very brightly, desperately trying to find it's way through. It was a magical mix, working together, that made the entire expanse of sea shimmer for as far as you could see!, sea inspired

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