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Batch of 8 authentic Moroccan Falus coins, $120 for whole batch or $17 each. I order batches of coins for my pieces and occasionally a couple per batch will not be suitable for jewelry. So over the years I have collected those and now have mini batches of non jewelry, but still good quality, coins. If you are interested in other types of coins I have a couple more batches of other types of coins.Info on the coins:Denomination: Moroccan Falus\t\t\t\tDate: 1672-1901 AD Description: Minted during the Golden Age of Islam by Mohammed IV (1802-1873), the Sultan of Morocco, this coin depicts the seal of Solomon as a six pointed star with a circle in the center. On the other side, there is Islamic text over a date (AH 1290) from the Islamic lunar calendar, which is around 621 years behind the Christian calendar dates.The Seal of Solomon is a six pointed star or hexagram, also known as the Star of David. It was used on the Moroccan flag until 1915, when the flag was changed to a five pointed star or pentagram. In Judaism, the Star of David, an extension of the Divine, or God, shielded the Biblical David in his battles. It is also seen as a metaphysical symbol representing protection, strength and energy. Morocco, along with the rest of North Africa, had a large Jewish population from ancient times which was prominent in Mediterranean trade. This population was boosted by the expulsions from Spain and Italy in the 1400's and 1500's which would have been more familiar with European languages and numbers., coins

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